What We Need More of in 2017

With terrorist attacks in Istanbul, 2017 has already started off on a shaky note. However, there is something about the new year that brings a sense of hope and determination. Whether that is linked to losing a few pounds or starting to volunteer, these small changes are ways for us to try to renew. The idea of becoming a better person is intrinsically linked to the new year and this is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Improvement is something we should strive for on a daily basis but riding on the wave of the new year cheer, here are a few things we think we could use a little more of in 2017.


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The last year has been a struggle to say the least. With over 21 million refugees, countless natural disasters and the oppression of multiple populations, we can’t help but feel grateful about where we are. Being able to live under a roof without having to worry about where your next meal is coming from is reason enough to be thankful. There are millions who live without the liberties and freedoms we take for granted.

A+L Tip: Take the time to be kind. This could mean helping someone with their bags, sharing your meal with the less fortunate or even flashing a smile to someone who is looking down.


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What happened to jetting off on a moment’s notice or buying those shoes you’ve been eyeing? Well, logic for one! Aria + Leya both agree that spontaneous experiences are always the most exciting. Those random nights where you have nothing planned and end up at the best party of the year or gathering the courage to finally ask your dream guy out on a date inevitably turn out to make the best stories. Forget about the rules and start living on the edge. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

A+L Tip: The next time someone suggests meeting for coffee or grabbing a meal, rather than brushing it off- say yes!


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2016 has been super depresso. Counter that with your lightest and brightest. We are saying yes to colour. Forget the LBD and turn to blues, reds and neons for your next party dress. Aria + Leya features fun and playful collections in shades of the rainbow and we suggest you apply this rule to your lingerie as well. Have a little fun and embrace the brighter side of life.

A+L Tip: While getting dressed tomorrow, replace one black item of clothing with something brightly coloured.


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If you can’t love yourself, how will anyone else love you? Stop focusing on your flaws and start appreciating the amazing person that you are. It’s true that when you give off good energy you will get good energy back. Karma is real and you need to start taking control of yours. Stop self-deprecating and body-shaming and start spending more time loving yourself and owning who you are.

A+L Tip: For your next Instagram post, pick a photograph of yours that you love and post it with the caption #2017IsForSelfLove.


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2017 promises many things, one of which is more technology and ways to connect with others. This is great from the perspective of the progress and advances of the 21st century however when it comes to our daily lives, it seems we spend more time looking at our phones than at each other. We aren’t telling you to throw out your phone but try to spend at least one hour a day phone-free. You can use this time to meditate, cook, work out or read; anything that does not require you to be staring at a screen. The more connected we are through technology, the less time we spend appreciating all the real-life experiences we have in front of us.

A+L Tip: For one hour before you go to sleep, put your phone upside down on your side table and pick up a book instead.

Whether you make new year’s resolutions or not, we believe that these tips are valid for every single day of the year. Here’s our tip, take a few minutes out of your day to think about what is important to you and your current goals. Jot down small ways you can move closer to those goals. Self-improvement is a life-long journey so don’t be intimated. Getting started is the first step. Happy new year!


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Aria + Leya embody the nuances of today’s modern woman: Aria is a free spirit that soars above the clouds, carefree and fearless; Leya is a graceful, grounding strength, whose instinct is to protect and nurture with courage. Together, they are the heroines of this vivacious, authentic and confident new brand.   We at Aria + Leya are about much more than selling beautiful designer women underwear and swimwear for women online – we believe in creating communities of women who live their lives deliberately, with courage and passion. A+L understand that the way in which lingerie support women’s bodies is not so different from the way women support each other, in a gentle yet reliable, beautiful yet functional manner.

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