Behind the Scenes: What a Woman Can Do

At Aria + Leya we love to hear your stories. We want to know what inspires you, what uplifts you and what makes you feel like the badass that you are. While thinking about our video campaign, we debated about featuring some of our friends’ most motivating stories. But then we took a step back. Before success comes obstacles, and overcoming these obstacles is what makes each and every one of us what we are today. This gave us a great idea- we wanted to hear your stories of what society said you couldn’t do, simply by virtue of being a woman. The result has been spectacular and we hope to love it as much as we do. Here’s a peek at some of the incredible stories we got to share.

“In most Asian countries, there’s pressure for women to get married at a very young age. It’s everywhere, and I believe that today at 32 being single- I’m in a seriously committed relationship with myself and I’m happy. Marriage is only something a woman should do once she’s ready and not because society puts pressure on her.”

“When I was little, I was told I was too heavy. I was on the obese side so I couldn’t run but then that changed- I became a marathon runner.”

“I was told I couldn’t be a reporter and so I decided to set out and be one. At that time, women were soft reporters- but that is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a proper reporter in the tradition of the men which means I go and cover exactly the same kind of stories that they did.

I don’t think there is much that women cannot do. I think the only time they cannot do something is when situations have been created deliberately so that they fail. Women are capable of doing everything. What is it that women cannot do? “

“Every day through the last couple of months before I had her (my baby) they were like how are you ever going to manage? It’s very difficult. For me, not going back to work was never even an option. I mean it’s something I love doing and yes I had to tweak timelines but it never really became an issue for me.”

“All of us get told, all the time that oh you can’t travel to that country alone perhaps we’ll send the senior colleague with you or let the senior colleague go alone and you can go next time. Then you’re told you can’t wear flats you should wear heels, you can’t wear suits you have to wear sari’s, you can’t wear your hair down and it needs to be up because it’s distracting and you can’t wear red and you can’t wear, oh my god. Too many things, such a long list. Don’t make jokes, don’t laugh too loud in the office. Women should just sit still and be quiet.”

It’s amazing how much pressure society puts on women to do the ‘womanly’ thing, and in tandem, deciding that the ‘womanly’ thing to do is to sit at home and pop out babies while your heterosexual partner brings in the cash. Well, we feel differently and so do a lot of the women we spoke to. Watch this space to hear these and other stories about women overcoming what society said they couldn’t do.

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