Valentine’s Gifting Guide

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s day or not, having someone special to share it with is always nice. If you’re like us and leave holiday shopping to the last minute then fear not, we’ve got a gifting guide to lift your spirits and maybe empty those pockets a little bit.

A Few Months

There should be a rule that if you’ve been seeing someone for less than a month and you stumble upon a holiday, birthday or Valentine’s Day, you’re allowed to skip the day no questions asked. But just because life is imperfect doesn’t mean your gift giving skills can’t shine. If you’ve been seeing someone for less than a few months, a proper gift (read: expensive) can come off as a little intimidating so why not opt for something quirky and sweet? If you have an inside joke about being your three cats and can find catty socks to give him/her, that’s cute. What about that book you’ve been talking about? Books make great gifts. If you’re still really stumped you could always give them a Starbucks gift card, no one can say no to coffee.


You’re In Love

Aw, you’re in love! And just in time for February 14th. The first gift you can give, to all your single friends that is, is to get a handle on your PDA. Love is great but only when we don’t have to watch. The honeymoon phase is the most glorious of any relationship and buying gifts for your special somebody should not be stressful but joyful. Love officially signals more intimate territory and what could be more romantic that gifting your partner some beautiful lingerie? Not only is this a treat for her but for yourself as well!

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You’re Engaged

Congratulations! S/He finally gathered up the courage to pop the question and now you’re in the midst of a wedding planning hurricane. Thanks to demonetization and INR 10,000 per head rates at the Taj, we can imagine you’d be expected to bootstrap a little bit during this time. I mean, one could say that the engagement is gift enough but of course we aren’t friends with those people. How about getting a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers delivered to your partner’s workplace? Not only will you embarrass the hell out of them but you’ll be #CoupleGoals for the entire office.


It’s Official, You’re Married!

Whether you’ve been married 20 days or 20 years, keeping the romance alive is key. Between work, children, socializing and homecare it seems that managing one date night a month becomes impossible. Marriage should not be where sparks go to die, make it a point to celebrate special occasions with your spouse as if this were your first Valentine’s together. How about celebrating the holiday with a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant? You could make it more special and organize to do this at home and show off your dazzling culinary skills.


You’re In A Relationship

With yourself! You are the most important person in your life and just because you don’t have someone to share the holidays with doesn’t mean you don’t get a gift. We suggest treating yourself to a super sexy dress and head out for cocktails with the girl’s where you can dance and laugh the night away.



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