Valentines and Galentines: Let’s celebrate love!

Valentines lingerie shopping - Let’s celebrate love

All the way back in the 14th century, a new tradition was born. One that celebrated “courtly love”. Translation : Men wanted to show off their bravery and nobility to the women they fancied.  By the time the 18th century came around, there was an evolution of sorts, and this day took on a new meaning.  People began to express their love with tokens such as flowers and chocolates. They created greeting cards for their loved ones called valentines. Isn’t that a cute thought?  Well, because we can’t have anything good, a day of love and sweetness became a day for corporates to exploit our bleeding hearts and manufacture more goodies knowing that all the Romeos would gladly buy for their lover(s).

And obviously that’s why in present day 2018, we can’t help but say it, Valentine’s Day is for cheese balls. The single women hate it. The committed girls are deigned to roll their eyes, because god the presents can be oh-so predictable.  Why you ask? Because even the most well intentioned significant others fall into the trap of this day, with the grand displays of love. The most coveted reservation at a highly rated restaurant, a glass of bubbly and all the works. And this is where we protest : Shouldn’t we be treated like the absolute queens we are, everyday ?

Anyway we digress. This isn’t about the men. We love our men.  We do however want to take a moment to address a new kind of Valentine’s Day that we want to celebrate because there aren’t enough days in the year to celebrate this worthy cause. Women supporting other women. Sisterhood. Yes, we are going there. Rapidly rising in popularity we have Galentine’s Day. And we are so here for it.

What’s not to love about it? Spend the day with your lady friends doing the thing that you love. Honouring each other and taking pride in each others ambitions. Sounds like a feel – good day that is very much needed!

We have come up with a list of things you can do in the day with your favourite gal pals and if you are in a committed relationship, you can do your V-day thing in the night! Everybody wins and everybody is happy. So here goes :

  1. High Tea – Have a few close friends meet you for bite sized snacks and lots of bubbly. Points go to the friend that doesn’t gawk at the lovers all around. A lovely chat with the ladies you love is just what the doctor ordered.
  2. Show some love – It is no secret that we women love presents. Especially a well thought out one! Plan ahead by getting a little gift bag from Aria Leya for your bestie a few days earlier. And while you’re at it, buy another sexy pair for yourself so that someone can be wooed at the dinner date tonight.
  3. Do a cooking class together –There is a certain kind of joy in learning, especially when you’re doing so with your girls. Take part in a cooking class that exposes you to new cuisines. With famous chefs visiting from all over the world to host a dinners and classes, this increasingly popular activity is bound to be a treat for both, your tastebuds and galentines!
  4. Commit to a fitness class – There is nothing like sweating it out. Good for the mind. Good for the body. You know the drill. But, what’s even better is having your best friend push you to do better and getting that perfect workout picture for your Instagram story.
  5. Check up on each other’s career goals – Show your girl you care, by checking where her head (and her heart’s) at with her career. There is nothing more endearing than a woman knowing she’s not alone and that another woman has her back.
  6. Create (or join) a women’s book club – Make a pact to read more empowering books. Then share your thoughts about the book, with each other. Either you join a book club like Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf or ReeseWitherspoon’s book club (Instagram handle @reesebookclubxhellosunshine) or do your own research based on what you both like. But trust us and go with the book club, there’s some serious gold there.
  7. Book a trip to a new place – What is life without experiences? A dull one. Get out your laptops and book a trip to some new place you have never been to. There’s nothing like gaining a whole new perspective with your friends. You will all come back with renewed zest and passion for life.


Our friends are our families that we choose. They play such a big role in defining each and every one of us to be who we are. If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love for our significant others, we at Aria Leya say that Galentine’s Day should about celebrating love for those who shape us to be the people our S/O’s love!

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