Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The weather is heating up, and fast. Which means the thought of thick fabrics and long-sleeved shirts is completely revolting and all one wants to do is cool off by a pool or beach. Living in India, we really don’t get any respite from the heat for at least half the year. If it’s isn’t the scorching sunshine, it’s the sticky monsoon. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a list of ten pieces that we think you simply must in invest in this season to keep you looking good and feeling cool.

A Great Swimsuit

A long weekend is incomplete without a trip to a friend’s Alibaug home or a drive up into the hills. The one thing that makes a holiday a holiday is access to a beautiful, private pool. This is honestly the only way to cool off where you can be outdoors and still bear the heat. We suggest our Sun Kissed Skin one-piece swimsuit which will highlight your collarbones and feel great due to our light, flexible fabrics. Just make sure to slather on the sunscreen!

A Sporty Dress

Athleisure has been one of the biggest trends of the past few seasons as it inspires a sense of wellbeing and comfort. Spring and summer are all about shedding layers and feeling active. Pick a dress that has sporty accents like zips and contrast piping which will evoke a feeling of playful frivolity. We love the way these sports inspired dresses nip in at the waist and then flare out, accentuating your hourglass figure.

Lots of White

Wearing white in India should come with a disclaimer when it comes to getting dirty, but in the summer, there is nothing we love more than a set of crisp cotton whites. This could mean a white kurta and loose pyjama, white trousers and white tank top or a white maxi dress. White is simple, easy and super versatile so you can accessorize the outfit with lots of fun, brightly coloured accents. Our only warning is to make sure you wear nude coloured lingerie underneath to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions!

Boyfriend Jeans

Skinny jeans have had their time in the sun but we’re ready for a change. Forget figure hugging, tight fit jeans and embrace the loose, airy cousin of skinnies- the boyfriend jean. Meant to look as if they’ve been stolen from your boyfriend’s closet, boyfriend jeans are often distressed, mid to low rise and cut short at the ankle. These are perfect to pair with a loose crop top or tank top and blazer for when you’re feeling more serious.

Platform Heels

We are so glad that stilettos are out and platforms are in, our ankles are seriously thankful. Whether you go flatform or platform, a pair of skyscraper high heels is perfect for walking through puddles of rain or anything else that you may come across. Choose a brightly coloured strappy pair which will add a pop of colour and actually end up being your most worn pair of shoes.

Breathable Underwear

The summer heat can have detrimental effects on our skin, hair and nails. The key is to keep covered, hydrated and safe. One component women often neglect is their underwear. When it’s hot and sticky outside, the last thing you need is lingerie that is clingy and synthetic. Not only is this uncomfortable but can cause rashes and skin infections. Our Defying the 9-5 collection offers all your cotton basics in black, nude and white so that you can pair them with everything.

cotton bra and underwear

Wide Leg Culottes

It was as if the culotte was made for the monsoon! These ankle-skimming pants are comfy, versatile and super on trend. You can find a pair of high waisted culottes so you can tuck in t-shirts or even a more structure pair to wear to work. Denim, cotton, silk and more; culottes are our go-to when it comes to trousers in the summer.

Cross Body Bag

A cross body bag is the ideal companion for when you’re jumping between meetings, Ubers, lunches and dates. Stuff your life into a sleek cross body bag and get ready to take on the world. There is no way one can be expected to talk on the phone and hold a cocktail with a bulky bag on one’s shoulder so swap your Chanel for a simple cross body and start multitasking with ease!

Simple Makeup

Summer means humidity which means that you will find your make up dripping off your face the moment you’ve started sweating even a bit. Our best advice is to go au naturel, or if that simply isn’t an option than use natural looking make up which is water-based so that you won’t feel sticky or oily.

Fun Hair Accessories

The last thing you want when the sun is beating down on your neck is to have your hair sticking to you and making you feel itchy and uncomfortable. Use this time to stop off on the roadside and pick up some fun hair accessories like clips and hair ties that will keep your hair, and heat off your neck.



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Aria + Leya embody the nuances of today’s modern woman: Aria is a free spirit that soars above the clouds, carefree and fearless; Leya is a graceful, grounding strength, whose instinct is to protect and nurture with courage. Together, they are the heroines of this vivacious, authentic and confident new brand.   We at Aria + Leya are about much more than selling beautiful designer women underwear and swimwear for women online – we believe in creating communities of women who live their lives deliberately, with courage and passion. A+L understand that the way in which lingerie support women’s bodies is not so different from the way women support each other, in a gentle yet reliable, beautiful yet functional manner.

Be Bold. Be True. Be You. Aria + Leya offers today’s modern Indian women a fine selection of lovely, designer bra and panties online, designed with flair and built to last. With zero compromises on the fit and feel, the products stay at an affordable price point and are available at, Lingerie shop online India, where women can choose from a range of sizes and buy bras, underwears, and bikinis directly from the online site. They are designed to make the wearer feel confident, proud to be a woman – and a bit flirty! – every single day.

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