How To Start Meditating

You may have heard about all the benefits meditation provides from increased focus and productivity to neural regeneration and lower blood pressure. Meditation is one of those things that all of us should be doing, but very few actually manage to. On the surface, meditation can be intimidating. You may conjure up images of monks sitting on mountain tops in silence, meditating for hours of end. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that extreme! You can reap the benefits of meditation by starting with only 10 minutes a day, that’s less time than it takes you to decide what Netflix show to watch! Here are simply and easy ways to introduce meditation to your life.

Meditating - understanding the idea

Understand The Idea

The first step to meditating is understanding what it means. Meditation is a very simple concept that people tend to over complicate. The core of meditation lies in the idea of being completely immersed in what you are doing. While meditating, that usually means your breath. It is possible to feel meditative while running or painting for example because that is when your mind singularly focuses on one particular object. When it comes to traditional meditation, the goal is to try to keep your mind as still as possible. Every time you find yourself getting distracted, gently push your mind back to your breath.

Find A Comfortable Position

How you choose to meditate depends completely on you. Most people recommend sitting upright because meditation is actually supposed to activate and energize you, which is why you should practice in the mornings rather than before bed. You can choose to sit cross legged on your bed, on a chair or even on a meditation cushion or zafu. These cushions actually help you sit upright and are said to improve alertness and focus, however, the choice is completely yours. You can keep your hands on your knees or on your lap, either with palms facing upwards or in an ‘om’ position.

meditating - pick a comfortable time

Pick A Time

Give yourself a goal, perhaps starting off with five minutes a day for 10 days and then gradually increasing this to 10 minutes. There is no rule saying that you need to meditate for hours to actually benefit from meditation so don’t be hard on yourself. Set a time and either put on a timer for this length or search for a guided meditation video on YouTube. Guided meditation is when there is someone speaking to you telling you what to do, and is usually the best way to get started.


The hardest part of actually meditating, is getting started. So many of us are intimidated by the idea that we never actually give meditation a chance. Sit back, put on some Tibetan chanting, a YouTube video or just sit in silence and let your mind relax. Start to breathe deeply through your nose and feel the inhalations and exhalations within your body. Watch how your body expands and deflates and become aware of how your body feels. Focus on this and simply breathe. If you hear sounds or start to think of something else, observe this and then let the thought slip away. Bring your entire attention and focus on your breath without judgement or analysis. Just let your body do what it does and try to stay as still (both physically and mentally) as possible.

When it’s been proven that meditation can increase energy, decrease the aging of the brain and increase grey matter- why in the world are we not all doing it? Well, today is your day to start! Good luck.



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