What’s a better pop culture reference for sisterhood than “yaaaaaas queeeeeen”?

Throughout the world, in different cultures, in different continents, sisterhood has always been a very prominent element. Aria Leya is built on this foundation as well. We at Aria Leya believe that every woman is a force to be reckoned with and when we all come together, we truly have the power to create something magical, something unique.

It’s always empowering to see women chase their dreams while uplifting other women on their journey as well. Yet, we always come across terms like “A woman’s biggest enemy is a woman itself”

What? Why?

Why are we brought up the feeling that everything in our life is a competition? That our fellow girlfriends are our biggest competitors. Why are all of us pit together? What are we competing for? Validation?

Generations of toxic behavior has resulted in this. This is not just applicable to women but men as well. When we are brought up with the notion that it’s okay to step on other people just to get ahead in life, that’s when the problem begins.

Women go through so much in their lives, whether it’s personal or professional. Wage gaps, unequal opportunities, etc.  Why should anyone be the subject to blatant patriarchal rules alone?

Women need to come together. To fight together, to fight for each other. We need to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders and cheer on so loud, that the casual sexism, misogyny and all the other things that women face every day, fade away slowly in the background.

Our Aria Leya women make an effort to change society and the underlying issues by channelizing the power within us.  So come and join us. Be a woman who makes a difference.

At Aria Leya, we love lingerie! Come be a part of our awesome tribe and help us make it bigger. And hey, you also get a 30% discount coupon on your first purchase! 

Hop on, what are you waiting for? It’s time to #BeThatGirl.

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