Valentine’s for one!

Valentine’s day is an especially hyped day in the realm of pop culture. From Valentine getaways to cozy candle lit dinners, it  all genuinely makes you wonder – why do we have a specifyc day to celebrate love? Isn’t that something we should practice everyday? And why is valentine’s day commonly associated with couples? What about the singles?Spa day this Valentine’s

We here at Aria Leya believe that everyday is a celebration. A celebration of love, life, joy and gratitude. So don’t fret if you don’t have a date to celebrate with this year. We’re creating a list of all the fun  things you can do for the perfect solo date to celebrate the greatest thing you own- yourself!

  1. Back to basics

There’s nothing better than comfort food  and some good old classics for a great night in. Cozy up under the duvet with a glass of wine, some hot pizza and a classic like The Sound of Music. Make this night an oldie but a goldie!

2. Spa for the soul

It’s time to indulge yourself! Nothing spells self love like some much needed  me time at the spa! Take out some time for yourself to unwind and relax. You’ll be amazed at how one trip to the spa could leave you feeling fresh and recharged!

3. Go for a quick trip

It’s always time for an adventure!  What’s better than spending Valentine’s day amidst nature while being one with your surroundings?  (PSST! Incase you’re still wondering, the answer is nothing!) It’s always great to disconnect with your digital life and connect with nature and  soak in all her beauty! And who knows, this quick little getaway might turn into the quite the soul searching experience!work out this Valentine’s Day

4. Sweat it out!

If you’re someone who hates staying in, then this is probably something you’d like.  Spunk it up by doing something different this year. Sign yourself up for a kickboxing class, try some pilates, or if you’re looking to push your limits, then some weight training should do the trick. This is a great way to break away from the monotony of your everyday life. Plus the endorphins would leave you feeling super happy and energetic through the evening. Your body will be happy and so will your mind.

5. Buy Aria Leya!

Hmm, we do sense a little bit of bias here but hey!  At Aria Leya we feel one  should always wear fabulous lingerie, even if nobody’s going to see it! The right lingerie has the power to stir anybody’s inner goddess and there’s no reason why someone that fabulous should be hidden. So go ahead and  treat yourself to some lovely lingerie! And if you’re a first time user, you’d get an extra 30% off as well!

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