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Aria + Leya is a brand that believes in loving yourself while feeling empowered and strong. We love to hear stories about women who stand up for what they believe in and it’s important that these stories are heard. Women around the world are doing great things on a daily basis, whether it’s supporting their families, speaking out against social issues or balancing work and family life. Each of these things is incredibly significant in the canvas of feminism. Hot off the heels of Julia Robert’s barefoot display at Cannes, we wanted to highlight a few women who have the power to stand up for what they believe. It’s amazing when those who have celebrity stand up for something important and have something imperative to say.

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Taking a step back (no pun intended. Well maybe a little!) America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts was at Cannes to promote Monster Money. At the premier, she stepped on to the red carpet barefoot. Although she has not publicly admitted anything, this seems to be a blatant act of protest against something that happened at the festival last year. In 2015, festival organizers allegedly turned away a group of 50-year-old ladies who were wearing flats (they gave the reason of medical conditions, but the fact that a reason had to be given is laughable). The organizers have since confirmed that it is mandatory for all women to wear high-heels to red carpet screenings.  The backlash was immediate, and came for all directions including actress Emily Blunt who said, “This is very disappointing, just when you kind of think there are these new waves of equality.”

Some may feel the issue of discrimination is larger than dress codes and uniforms however this is how inequality has been sown into society.

Image 3Sunny Leone was in the spotlight a few months ago after Bhupendra Chaubey verbally attacked the actress and raised questions about her past. She came out unfaltered and spoke with confidence and poise, she was subsequently praised by many in the film fraternity. The list of questions by the so-called journalist included things like, “Do you look at yourself as an artist? Are you an item girl?” to  “Will we see movies from Sunny Leone in the future where Sunny will be dressed up in a saree, covered completely?” This cringe-worthy episode is only further evidence of how women are openly disregarded and considered the lesser sex.

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These examples are small ways that women are rejecting male-dominated systems and hierarchies and making equality a top priority. We believe in nurturing and supporting each other in order to help women help themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes and a little bit of engagement to get someone to change their mind or believe that they have the power to speak out. We live in an age where social media has given a voice to those who never thought speaking up was possible. Whether it is learning about how you can help in your community or sharing this post, it is these small steps that create change.


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