Self-love: Need of the hour

Do you think we live in a generation that has conditioned itself to believe in the unrealistic standards set by society and not in self-love?


We may not consciously see it, but every time we open Instagram and look at the picture of an influencer who is definitely the definition #fitnessgoals, we move on to feel bad about our own bodies. But why? Why have we taught ourselves that it’s not okay to put yourself first? That it’s okay to let the society bring you down. That being a size 0 is the only acceptable way to live. Why are young girls growing up hating their bodies instead of nurturing them?n

All of these questions shed light on toxic standards being normalized by the internet today. It’s okay to not have your shit together all the time. It’s okay if you had a cheat day. It’s okay if you have stretch marks. Don’t let Self-Lovesociety steal your thunder. We at Aria Leya are firm believers of self-love and our brand is about real women with real bodies. Whether it’s our Modest peacock bra, that is elegant and dainty and bound to make you feel like the goddess you are from the moment you put it on, or whether it’s just our basic Beauty in the everyday bra, our products are about empowering women and making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

It’s only when we love ourselves, that other people love us. Give yourself the respect you’d give someone else. Invest in yourself. You’re the greatest masterpiece you own. Out of the 24 hours in a day, take out at least 1 hour for yourself. In this 1 hour, indulge in activities that promote your growth. Read, meditate, journal. Realize that self-care isn’t selfish. Putting your mental health before everything isn’t being selfish. Always know that you’re a work in progress and with every passing moment, you’re becoming the best version of yourself.

Love yourself fiercely, because nobody has the power to take that away from you. Woman have been on the moon. We’ve sailed across oceans. We’ve achieved everything we’ve put our hearts to.

So the next time you go on the internet and feel bad about yourself, girl DON’T! Just like Miley Cyrus told us, Nobody’s perfect. We’re all a work in progress.


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