Nailing Work-Life Balance

As working, independent women, it is clear that job satisfaction is a major goal for many of us. Looking at the bigger picture, having general life satisfaction should also be a top priority, if not the biggest. With the way the world is going, we are more likely to be working around the clock because of smartphones and constant connectivity, allowing work to easily seep into our private lives. We inadvertently spending less time doing things for ourselves like being outdoors, working out, reading or spending face time with friends and family. A lot of this has to do with the fact that technology and work have become inseparable and also because by the time we’re done with an eight to nine-hour workday, all you want is a hot meal and soft bed.

Now more than ever, it is important to separate your work from your life and lay down a few ground rules. A job is a job but your personal life and mental health are things you can’t quit or change as easily. Here are a few tips to help you create a more balance work-life experience.


If you have 12 things that you simply must get done in a day, create a list and start working your way down. Keep the most important items on top, and leave things that can be completed later in the day or the next day at the bottom. This way, when the clock strikes 6pm, you aren’t panicked about how you haven’t sent out that important sales pitch. By completing your most important tasks first, you are freeing up the latter part of your day to be more relaxed. It has also been proven that completing larger tasks in the morning is better when combatting decision fatigue, the idea that the more decisions we make in a day the less we start caring about them by the end of it.

Set boundaries

There are so many times we’ve seen people post things like “I’ll be switching off my phone from 7-9pm to spend more time with my family” but inevitably, when you know your boss has a habit of calling at 8.30pm, your phone is staying on. It is difficult to switch off completely but try to set realistic targets that you can work with. For example, when you’re having dinner at the table, leave all electronic devices a few feet away so that you have no chance to get distracted. Rather than switch off your phone, switch off certain notifications like Instagram and Facebook that are definitely distracting but not exactly of vital importance.

Learn to say no

We often take on way more than we can handle simply to be viewed as more productive, more flexible employees. When you are sure a certain project is going to eat away at the time you plan to spend at the gym, try to pre-empt this by saying no to non-essential tasks that will only take up time without adding any value to your life. This includes things that you do outside of work like attending an event or going to a party simply for the sake of going. Don’t try to be in 10 places at once and focus on what you’re doing in one instant for greater satisfaction.

Take breaks

The idea of taking a break is often considered inefficient and unprofessional, to step away from your laptop for 20 minutes to take a walk around the block for example. Our bodies work in rhythms, not one long cycle and regular breaks actually help improve your problem solving capabilities. By working on one project for five hours straight you are not allowing your brain to build new connections in your brain which enhance creativity and productivity. Work for an hour or so and then get up and take a walk and call your mom or chat with a girlfriend about her day. These small breaks will not only take your mind off work and let you come back fresh but will also help you stay in touch with people you normally take for granted.

Managing work and life is never easy, even for people who work from home, who don’t have kids or who have creative jobs. No matter what you do, do not take your personal time for granted and make sure you pamper and treat yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. How about an Aria + Leya gift card for your best friend whose been feeling a little down in the dumps? Nothing a new set of lingerie can’t fix!


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