How to make 2019 your best year ever!

The year is 2019 and we’re all full of hope and excitement. Most of us are gearing up and getting ready with our resolutions for the next year. There’s a sense of finality in the air, coupled with positivity. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure 2019 is  your BEST year ever!

  1. PositivityNew Year Resolutions

Emphasis on this word will never be enough. In 2019, begin every day with a smile. Begin everyday with the thought that “today will be a beautiful day” and see the magic that unfolds. When you start your day with a surge of positivity, you’re likely attract good things and good experiences. So gear up because 2019 is all about good vibes!

2. Invest in yourself

Out of the 24 hours in a day, take out at least 1 hour for yourself. In this 1 hour, indulge in activities that promote your growth. Read, meditate, journal. Realise that self care isn’t selfish. Putting your mental health before everything isn’t being selfish. Always know that you’re a work in progress and with every passing moment, you’re becoming the best version of yourself.
Pro Tip: Confident women & confident lingerie go hand in hand 😉 

3. Be GratefNew Year Goals ul

Did you know you can rewire your brain to be happy by recalling 3 things you’re grateful for every day? Being thankful and expressing your gratitude is extremely important. However dark the times may be, we’ll always have something to be grateful for. When you express your gratitude, you in turn release positive energy into the universe. These positive vibes attract positive experiences. You get what you give!

4. Visualize your goals

Write down your goals. Make a moodboard. Use your energy to imagine all the things that can go right instead of feeding your fear and imagining what can go wrong. You make the choice on how you invest your mental and emotional energy. You have the choice the imagine the best case scenario for yourself. So go on. Visualise greatness.

5. Be more mindful

Practicing mindfulness is essential. So many times we tend to get lost in a flood of our own emotions that we forget to take into account our surroundings. Mindfulness can be practiced by meditating. It is all about being aware, alert and present in all situations. Being more mindful will lead you to admire and introspect every little aspect of life. It’s all about noticing the unnoticed.


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  • Munni Singh - Jan 28, 2019 Flag

    Very well written Muskaan. Positive thinking is essential in life.