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One of our favourite things to do before a travel-packed holiday is to plan out what we’re going to wear, what lingerie to pack and what accessories to carry. However, one aspect of packing that we’ve never managed to master is carrying the right lingerie. How many black bras versus white bras? Lace or cotton? Thongs or bikini bottoms? It’s always a struggle to concoct the perfect combination of panties and bras and so we figured we better create some guidelines or when you travel. Aria + Leya is your one stop destination for everything lingerie, offering designer underwear online, you can find everything on this list on our website!

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The Basics

As with everything, the best way to start is with the basics. We always pack 1.5 panties for each day we’re there so if you’re traveling somewhere for a week, then carry 10-11 pairs. For bras, we divide the days by half. You can actually wear a bra for up to a week if you don’t sweat much but when you’re on holiday it’s better to be safe than sorry. In terms of colours we suggest taking one set of each- black, white and nude. Apart from these six pieces, carry whatever other colours you want.

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The Fun Stuff

Holidays are a time to let loose and do things you would never do at home! This includes wearing all your favourite, flirtiest pieces of lingerie for those warm, summer nights spent dancing under the stars. There is just something about sexy lingerie that makes us feel so much more confident. When traveling, definitely pack a couple of lacy bras, a deep plunging bra and a strapless one as well. If you’re going to be in a tropical destination, you may be wearing skimpy tops that will be ruined with exposed bra straps. For those traveling to cities, it’s always better to arrive equipped to handle whatever your day throws at you.

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The Extras

No matter where we go (unless it’s Siberia) we always pack at least one swimsuit. You never know if your hotel pool turns out to be really beautiful or if you decide to visit a local pool for a swim. We also recommend carrying one set of workout clothes with a good sports bra. Taking a run or biking around a new city is the best way to explore while traveling so don’t leave your breasts hanging without adequate support! We also recommend carrying a variety of underwear styles from thongs to boy shorts to bikini bottoms because a visibly panty line looks at bad in Milan as it does in Mumbai!

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