Find the Perfect Swimsuit for your body

It’s like a heat wave, burning in my heart, it’s like a heat wave, I can’t keep from crying, it’s a heat wave, it’s tearing me apart

We know exactly what Martha and her Vandellas were talking about in this tune, and it definitely wasn’t any boy, but summer in Bombay. If you’re anything like us at Aria + Leya, you’ve been trying not to complain about the summer sun and are wandering through cooler pastures, read, any and all swimming pools. We are taking to the water and suggest you do too. Considering that we’ve all been working on our beach bodies (when time and motivation allow) we wanted to help you pick a bathing suit that is most flattering for your body type.


For those of us who are leaner and less curvy, a bikini works well and almost any style will suit you. Pick a bikini that will highlight your bust and long legs with as little or as much coverage as you like! We love the Sail Away with Me set for athletic ladies as the underwire and molded cups create the illusion of a bigger bust and the anchor print is just super fun with nautical being a huge trend for summer! Pack your bags and come Sail Away With Aria + Leya.

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This is one of the most common body types in India as many of us are blessed with hips that just don’t lie! For anyone who has a smaller torso as compared to their bottom half, you’re lucky as you can draw attention to those sleek shoulders and chiseled collarbones. The Sun Kissed Skin one piece is a great option for you as it’s made with the highest quality (material) and the halter top will make sure all eyes are where they need to be. We love this strapless swimsuit and for anyone who enjoys a little tan, Sun Kissed Skin is exactly what you need.

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Hourglass figures have the sought after figure 8 shaped bodies where your hips and bust are full and waist is slim. Any swimsuit will look great on you as long as you’re flaunting those curves! We love the Sand in My Shoes bikini which comes in black, red and blue. The halter top makes your torso look smaller while the drawstring bikini bottom gives you the ability to adjust it as needed. Summer may feel like torture at the moment but with the bad, comes a silver lining- summer holidays!!

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Whatever your body type we recommend loving your shape and showing off what your mama gave you. It’s important to be comfortable but while having a little fun.

Author Bio:

Aria + Leya embody the nuances of today’s modern woman: Aria is a free spirit that soars above the clouds, carefree and fearless; Leya is a graceful, grounding strength, whose instinct is to protect and nurture with courage. Together, they are the heroines of this vivacious, authentic and confident new brand.   We at Aria + Leya are about much more than selling beautiful designer women underwear and swimwear for women online – we believe in creating communities of women who live their lives deliberately, with courage and passion. A+L understand that the way in which lingerie support women’s bodies is not so different from the way women support each other, in a gentle yet reliable, beautiful yet functional manner.

Be Bold. Be True. Be You. Aria + Leya offers today’s modern Indian women a fine selection of lovely, designer bra and panties online, designed with flair and built to last. With zero compromises on the fit and feel, the products stay at an affordable price point and are available at, Lingerie shop online India, where women can choose from a range of sizes and buy bras, underwears, and bikinis directly from the online site. They are designed to make the wearer feel confident, proud to be a woman – and a bit flirty! – every single day.

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