To celebrate the Aria and Leya in every woman!

A woman is like a kaleidoscope. She’s a myriad of emotions and energies. A woman is not just a caretaker, a homemaker, or a domestic goddess as constructed by the society. She’s a goddess no doubt but not just in one but EVERY sphere of life. There’s nothing that a woman can’t do. We’ve been to the moon, we’ve surfed the stars, we’ve slayed dragons and played with fire. To celebrate this indomitable spirit of every woman, we created Aria and Leya. From an array of colours, shapes, styles and sizes, we’re here to cater to the women who ordinary yet extraordinary. Women who live their lives as a celebration. Women who aren’t afraid to be their own heroes in their  fairytale.

To cherish these beautiful women and their everyday moments here are our top 5 picks that will make you feel like the diva you are.

                                     1.Solo for the Soul

 This daiSolo for the Soul - Woman Lingerie nty beauty is here to celebrate your individuality! From the minute you put it on, you see yourself   transform into the goddess who can take on anything. So whether it’s that 9 am Monday morning meeting or   that impossible task you feel like you cannot finish, watch yourself transform and take over the world, one bra   at a time.

                                        2. New York snow

  A bra thaNew York Snow - Woman Lingerie t exudes elegance from the minute you put it on. With it’s beautiful detailing and faux pearls,     you’ll  probably feel like Snow white but this time, you wouldn’t be waiting for prince charming to awake you from your slumber. You would probably be getting ready to go for a sunshine filled brunch with your   girlfriends with a lot of bottomless mimosas and hazelnut french toasts. And definitely no poison apples.

Modest Peackcock - Woman Lingerie 3. Modest Peacock

Demure and shy. Nah. With this bra on, you’ll fee fun and flirty.  This beautiful navy blue lace detailed  bra with turquoise bows and all things pretty will remind you of the sea and cold lemonade. Beating Monday blues just got a lot easier with blue beauty!

4. An ode An ode to polka dots - Woman Lingerieto polka dots

A blast from the past, this vintage bombshell with polka dots and floral lace will make you want to relive the 70’s and the era of glitz and glam. The perfect pick for the days when you just want to go all out and feel like a divinity.

 5. Beauty in the everydayWoman Lingerie

 Saving the best for the last. There’s nothing like good old classics. Comfortable and cute, our black T-shirt     bra is an oldie but goldie. Whether it’s a night in your cozy pyjamas with a mug of hot cocoa or just a night     of painting the town red, this T-shirt bra is as versatile as they come.


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