Indian woman

Behind the Scenes: What a Woman Can Do

At Aria + Leya we love to hear your stories. We want to know what inspires you, what uplifts you and what makes you feel like the badass that you are. While thinking about our video campaign, we debated about featuring some of our friends’ most motivating stories. But then we took a step back.

Recognising the women who played an important role in shaping the Constitution of India

69 years ago, India celebrated Republic Day for the first time ever. It was a sign of times changing and a new beginning for the country. The Constitution of India came into existence after deliberations, discussions, and debates that lasted over two years.  The discussions were mainly to define what consisted of an Indian citizen’s

Top 5 Feminist Moments from 2016

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. From losing icons like Muhammed Ali and David Bowie to having a man who popularized the term “You’re Fired!” in the White House, it seems things can only go uphill from here. Apart from all the tragedies, losses and misappropriations that happened in the past

What We Need More of in 2017

With terrorist attacks in Istanbul, 2017 has already started off on a shaky note. However, there is something about the new year that brings a sense of hope and determination. Whether that is linked to losing a few pounds or starting to volunteer, these small changes are ways for us to try to renew. The

On Loving Yourself

At Aria + Leya, we create products that aim to create a stronger relationship between you and your body. It’s important to treat your body as you would a companion rather than the frenemy that we consider it to be. We spoke to three women about loving their bodies, themselves and their journeys along the

Celebrate Holi With Aria + Leya

Holi is here, and so are the signs of new life and growth! This celebration of life and love unites us so that we can grow to understand living. Aria+Leya is dedicated to making lingerie and swimwear that supports and celebrate a woman’s life and body, so it’s no wonder that we’re such big fans of

What does feminism mean to you?

  Feminism has always been a hot topic with the word being thrown around, an important and controversial concept not completely understood by many. The subject encompasses a wide range of social, political and economic ideologies and has been studied, discussed, dissected and argued over for years. With International Women’s Day on March 8, we wanted to

Treat your man to something special this Valentine’s

Ladies love to be spoiled by their men, and here at Aria + Leya, it’s no different. Flowers, chocolate, champagne; we want it all! However this year, we had a spark of inspiration. Why don’t WE rescue our men from the deluge of overpriced Valentine’s Day dinners and do something special for the loves of

Cultivating gratitude

  Here at Aria + Leya, we are on a mission.  We want to be a company that supports women in whatever way we can. Whether that support is a bra holding you up on a hard day at work or donating to causes that help women rebuild their lives, we’re there. But we realise