Behind the Scenes: What a Woman Can Do

At Aria + Leya we love to hear your stories. We want to know what inspires you, what uplifts you and what makes you feel like the badass that you are. While thinking about our video campaign, we debated about featuring some of our friends’ most motivating stories. But then we took a step back.

Valentines and Galentines: Let’s celebrate love!

All the way back in the 14th century, a new tradition was born. One that celebrated “courtly love”. Translation : Men wanted to show off their bravery and nobility to the women they fancied.  By the time the 18th century came around, there was an evolution of sorts, and this day took on a new

Recognising the women who played an important role in shaping the Constitution of India

69 years ago, India celebrated Republic Day for the first time ever. It was a sign of times changing and a new beginning for the country. The Constitution of India came into existence after deliberations, discussions, and debates that lasted over two years.  The discussions were mainly to define what consisted of an Indian citizen’s

Essential Feminist Reading

Essential Feminist Books That Everyone Should Read Antigone by Sophocles (442 BC) Written much before the word feminism even came into existence and also written by a man, Antigone uses the eponymous protagonist to illustrate some very early interpretations of feminism. Antigone challenges men in power through the story which was not something commonly done at

Natural Mood Boosters

We all get cranky and irritated, it’s a normal part of life (and most of our workplaces). Humans are sensitive and we often get thrown into a case of the blues by something as small as a late delivery or too much traffic on the way to work, to not getting chosen for something or

Vintage Bombshells

Top 9 Vintage Bombshells We’ve been hearing too much about bombs and not enough about bombshells- a way sexier topic. A bombshell is above all feminine, sexy and drop dead gorgeous. She wears her confidence on her sleeve and is not one to be messed with. She enjoys causing an uproar but when it comes

Top 5 Feminist Moments from 2016

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. From losing icons like Muhammed Ali and David Bowie to having a man who popularized the term “You’re Fired!” in the White House, it seems things can only go uphill from here. Apart from all the tragedies, losses and misappropriations that happened in the past

What We Need More of in 2017

With terrorist attacks in Istanbul, 2017 has already started off on a shaky note. However, there is something about the new year that brings a sense of hope and determination. Whether that is linked to losing a few pounds or starting to volunteer, these small changes are ways for us to try to renew. The

A+L Go On Holiday

Aria + Leya are hardworking girls but like all of us, they need a break from time to time. With the monsoon in full form, the girls decided that early September was the perfect opportunity to escape the heat and humidity and do some exploring. It’s always fun to take some time off and travel to

On Speaking Up

Aria + Leya is a brand that believes in loving yourself while feeling empowered and strong. We love to hear stories about women who stand up for what they believe in and it’s important that these stories are heard. Women around the world are doing great things on a daily basis, whether it’s supporting their