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The Benefits Of Wearing A Bra

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Bra The first bra dates back to 1914 and has gained popularity as the years went on to become a ubiquitous and necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. Before bras there were uncomfortable, restrictive corsets so for many, the bra was actually a sign of freedom and release.

These Go with Everything!

We all have the bras we wear everyday. They are usually basic colors with decent support, that we wear because they were either inexpensive or too ordinary to care about. This is where our thoughts on our everyday bras should change! Bras are supposed to support your body where it needs it. You should want

Woman Crush: Shutting Down Body Shamers

The 21st century has brought us many wonderful things, from everyday necessities to luxuries we never thought imaginable. One of the ways our life has changed drastically from that of previous generations is the omnipresence and accessibility of social media allowing us insights into the lives of almost anyone on the planet. With the good

Spring Fling

Bombay’s version of spring is more sweet and sticky than one would like; however across our imaginations, humidity and heat are replaced with perfect pastels and powdery hues. Step into spring with mint chocolate chip, candy floss and pink lemonade. We just might be inspired!   Author Bio: Aria + Leya embody the nuances of

Celebrate Holi With Aria + Leya

Holi is here, and so are the signs of new life and growth! This celebration of life and love unites us so that we can grow to understand living. Aria+Leya is dedicated to making lingerie and swimwear that supports and celebrate a woman’s life and body, so it’s no wonder that we’re such big fans of

A+L Sizing: How To Order the Right Bra Size Online

How To Order the Right Bra Size Online (Aria+Leya Bra Measurement ) We know it’s scary to order a new bra online. After all, for most women bras are something you always try on first. We’ve worked hard to distill the process down to some quick and easy measurements that will put you in the correct