What’s a better pop culture reference for sisterhood than “yaaaaaas queeeeeen”? Throughout the world, in different cultures, in different continents, sisterhood has always been a very prominent element. Aria Leya is built on this foundation as well. We at Aria Leya believe that every woman is a force to be reckoned with and when we

5 tearjerkers for your next girls night

Girls nights are always a good idea! And what’s better the endless tubs of popcorn and a good cry sesh with your girlfriends? Read on because we have in store for you the perfect flicks for the making of a good girls night! The Notebook Every girls night would be incomplete without this. This Nicholas

TLC for our curly haired beauties!

“Her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”   -Mean Girls(2004) Shakespeare mentioned “wires”, Damien from Mean Girls called it “big.” All the curly-haired heads out there have definitely found references to their tresses in all forms of art and culture. But, this just begs the question, are you treating those gorgeous curls or waves

Self-love: Need of the hour

Do you think we live in a generation that has conditioned itself to believe in the unrealistic standards set by society and not in self-love? Yes. We may not consciously see it, but every time we open Instagram and look at the picture of an influencer who is definitely the definition #fitnessgoals, we move on

Summer 2019! Enjoy the best products that exude elegance

The temperatures are burning up marking the official arrival of Summer! You can look forward to longer nights, shorter days and lazy days lounging by the pool. We can feel the excitement emanating on your face as you read this on your work screens. However if along with excitement, you feel a slow burn of

Top 5 travel destinations of 2019

2019 is all about venturing into the unknown. It’s about making memories that’ll last a lifetime. So whether you need some me time or if you’re looking for the perfect place for a girls trip, read on to find out about the hottest destinations of 2019! 1.Gokarna While Goa seems to be on everyone’s list,

Valentine’s for one!

Valentine’s day is an especially hyped day in the realm of pop culture. From Valentine getaways to cozy candle lit dinners, it  all genuinely makes you wonder – why do we have a specifyc day to celebrate love? Isn’t that something we should practice everyday? And why is valentine’s day commonly associated with couples? What

A bra to suit every sunsign!

In the recent times, there has been  a growing awareness when it comes to astrology. It’s a major trend in the realm of pop culture which has slowly made its way into our subconscious. We often check the newspaper first thing in the morning to see if we’re going to have a good day, to

5 Shows you NEED to watch to remind yourself about all the awesomeness out there

The launch of Netflix completely revolutionalized how India viewed television. With a plethora of  websites offering online streaming, here is a list of 5 shows you NEED to watch. Ranging from comedy to drama, this fun list will make sure you’re never out of great content to watch! Marvellous Mrs Maisel The show that seems

How to make 2019 your best year ever!

The year is 2019 and we’re all full of hope and excitement. Most of us are gearing up and getting ready with our resolutions for the next year. There’s a sense of finality in the air, coupled with positivity. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure 2019 is  your BEST year ever!