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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The weather is heating up, and fast. Which means the thought of thick fabrics and long-sleeved shirts is completely revolting and all one wants to do is cool off by a pool or beach. Living in India, we really don’t get any respite from the heat for at least half the year. If it’s isn’t

Nailing Work-Life Balance

As working, independent women, it is clear that job satisfaction is a major goal for many of us. Looking at the bigger picture, having general life satisfaction should also be a top priority, if not the biggest. With the way the world is going, we are more likely to be working around the clock because

Valentine’s Gifting Guide

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s day or not, having someone special to share it with is always nice. If you’re like us and leave holiday shopping to the last minute then fear not, we’ve got a gifting guide to lift your spirits and maybe empty those pockets a little bit. A Few Months There

Find the Perfect Swimsuit for your body

It’s like a heat wave, burning in my heart, it’s like a heat wave, I can’t keep from crying, it’s a heat wave, it’s tearing me apart We know exactly what Martha and her Vandellas were talking about in this tune, and it definitely wasn’t any boy, but summer in Bombay. If you’re anything like

A+L Sizing: How To Order the Right Bra Size Online

How To Order the Right Bra Size Online (Aria+Leya Bra Measurement ) We know it’s scary to order a new bra online. After all, for most women bras are something you always try on first. We’ve worked hard to distill the process down to some quick and easy measurements that will put you in the correct

Meet Aria + Leya

Lingerie Shop Online in India We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Aria + Leya, so we’re absolutely thrilled to finally be able to reveal our first collection of lingerie! This collection has been both heavily researched as well as a true labor of love, so we hope that you will adore it