A bra to suit every sunsign!

In the recent times, there has been  a growing awareness when it comes to astrology. It’s a major trend in the realm of pop culture which has slowly made its way into our subconscious. We often check the newspaper first thing in the morning to see if we’re going to have a good day, to see if all the things we want are finally coming together based on our sunsign. Every sunsign has a set of typical characteristics that exist within everyone. Here at Aria Leya we want you all to claim your inner goddess. So let’s see what the stars have in store for you, based on your sunsign!

bra based on sunsign

Aries : Aries women are known to be fearless, passionate and headstrong. And what’s better than the “Solo for the soul” bra for you wonderful fiesty ladies!

Taurus : Taurean women love fun, food and all things beautiful! For the women that choose the best of everything, we may have the perfect bra in store for you! With our  Stolen kisses “ bra underneath, you’d be ready to conquer any mountain, any challenge! (Yes that includes dreadful Monday morning meetings as well…)

Gemini : Versatile and vibrant, Gemini women exude charm and positive energy wherever they go. To embrace your inner goddess, we suggest our “Defying the 9-5 bra”. Minimal yet chic, this bra is all about finding beauty in simplicity, which most Gemini women do.

Libra : Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Perhaps that explains your undeniable charm and lovely smile. Our “Beauty in the everyday” is the perfect pick for all our Libran women out there. Cute, comfortable and supportbra based on sunsignive. Just how a bra should be. And just how our Libran women are!

Scorpio : The most intense and focused of all signs, Scorpio women do not mess around!  The “Vintage Valentine” bra is perfect for you ladies. It’s mysterious, sensual and extremely stylish! Slip this on to transform into the diva you were born to be!

Sagittarius : Sagittarius women dream big and chase their goals with unbridled zest and zeal. To match their passion for life, we have our “Miki’s boudoir” bra, which is adventurous, yet elegant and super super cute!

Pisces: Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, Pisces women can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. Our “Modest Peacock” bra is ought to remind you water babies of the beautiful sea! Seas the day with this blue beauty, which exudes elegance from the moment you put in on!

Capricorn: Capricorn women keep it real. They are grounded, practical and fiercely loyal. For you perfectionists, we have the perfect bra! Our “ode to polka dots” bra is fun, flirty and super fab! Because however perfect you ladies are, sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

bra based on sunsign

Aquarius :  Some call you quirky while others may appreciate your originality, either ways, Aquarius women are different and unique! Embrace your individuality with our “Blue moon glow” bra! Blue and satiny, from the moment you put it on, you are transported to seventh heaven!

Virgo : Virgo’s are master manifestors! They are the “winds of change.” For you lovely ladies, our “New York Snow” bra is the perfect pick. With lovely lace and faux pearls, this bra strikes the right note between Grace Kelly elegance and J-law fun!

Leo :  The Sun is the ruler of Leo and with with Leo women around, things are always happy and shining! A natural born leader, you love to be the boss! Tap into your inner boss girl with our “Summer nights” bra that smart and sleek. With this on, Monday blue’s will be a thing of the past!

Cancer : Intuitive and nurturing, Cancerian women make good for good listeners and are the most dependable people around! However, sometimes we all need a pick me up and what’s better than to declutter redundant energy with our super fun “Solo for the soul” bra! With a bright pop of colour, this lifesaver is here to brighten all your rainy days!

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