Bra Rules Every Woman Should Know

With the advent of online lingerie shopping in India, it’s become harder to resist the lure of pretty designer women’s underwear! There are so many incredibly designs, patterns and products that shopping is no longer about waiting in queues and trying to find parking. Online shopping is the best way to look your best without having to deal with the hassles of actually going out to shop. We all love shopping online but when it comes to our undergarments and bras, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind.

Your Size

The first thing you need to do before you start shopping online for lingerie in India is know what your size is. You can do this at any lingerie store or even measure yourself at home. The first and only thing you’ll need is a soft measuring tape. Take a snug measurement around your rib cage right under your bust and round up to the next even number (if it’s an odd number). This is your band size. For your bust, measure the fullest part of your breast and round up an inch if needed. To calculate your cup size, you need to subtract your band size from your bust size and use a chart to figure out what your cup size is. For example, a 1 inch difference makes you an A, 2 inches is a B, 3 inches is a C and so on. This is the most important thing you can do for your breasts!

The Material

The next thing you need to be sure of is the material. Lots of bras are made with very synthetic materials to look extra shiny and pretty but these fabrics are anti-absorbent and can irritate sensitive skin. You want something that offers support while absorbing any moisture, such as cotton.


Contrary to how you wash all your other lingerie, bras do not need to be washed daily. When you do wash your bras, avoid washing them in the machine and try to hand wash if possible. If you simply must throw them in then protect them with a netted lingerie bag which will help your bras maintain their shape. Also, always dry your bras flat on a towel or thick cloth because wringing it dry and hanging it on a clothesline will make your designer bra lose its shape.

Bras Need Changing

After a few years, you may find that apart from becoming discoloured, your bras don’t fit as well as they used to. Well, bras are made primarily of elastic and the more you wear and wash them, the more they will stretch. It’s also true that your bra size can change through the years so when you start feeling like your bras aren’t fitting, try a new one on for size as this will be more indicative than one that has become loose.

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