Does Your Bra Fit Properly?

Did you know that most women are wearing the wrong size bra without even knowing it? So many women who come to Aria + Leya are using the same size that they got measured years ago. I mean we all know that our jean size changes now and then so why wouldn’t our bra size? When buying online lingerie in India, we usually go straight to the brands we know and the fit that we’ve gotten used to however have you ever thought about whether you’re wearing the right size bra? Here are a few ways to figure that out.

Your Band

Does the back of your bra band often leave a little imprint in your skin? Or do you find that every time you raise your arms, your bra comes with you? If so, then you might be wearing the wrong bra size. The band is where most of your bra’s support comes from so you need to be sure that this is the right size. The band should sit comfortably at the bottom of your upper back in a straight line. Also, be aware that bra bands are made of elastic so it is possible that they will lose their stretch over time. This is one problem you can avoid when you buy designer bras and panties from Aria + Leys!

The Underwire

Most of us wear underwire bras so it’s essential to ensure that it fits correctly otherwise you can be left with bruises and discomfort. When someone says that they find underwire uncomfortable, 99% of the time you can be sure that they are wearing the wrong bra size. To check your underwire, it should sit directly around each breast and not below or on top of the breast tissue. The underwire should also rest on your skin and not have any gaps.

The Cup

Your breasts should fill out each cup and the cup should lie close to your skin without any gaps. For most of us, one breast is bigger than the other so the bigger breast should be the one filling out the cup while it’s likely there will be some space in the smaller breasts’ cup. If this difference is very big you can use a silicone cup or push up pad in one of the cups to even your bra out. You should never be spilling out of your bra and should experiment with a few styles before you settle down on one particular kind of bra.

The Straps

Most of your bra’s support comes from your straps which is also where most women’s problems come from! All underwear, even designer bras and panties have issues with straps which makes this a really important point to note. You should not be able to lift your bra strap more than an inch or so above your shoulder using mild force, any more than this and you should tighten your straps. If you’re unable to lift your straps at all then you should loosen them slightly. If you find that your bra straps are either falling off or digging into your skin, the problem could lie in your band. Make sure that is sitting in the right place before you start to readjust your straps.



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