Summer 2019! Enjoy the best products that exude elegance

The temperatures are burning up marking the official arrival of Summer! You can look forward to longer nights, shorter days and lazy days lounging by the pool. We can feel the excitement emanating on your face as you read this on your work screens. However if along with excitement, you feel a slow burn of dread over what to wear to the beach or the poolside then fret not! Here at the Aria Leya HQ, we have for you a list of super cute swimwear that is breathable, chic and perfect for the summer. Read on to know what we have in store:

  1. Sail away with me

swimwearNautical prints and cute colours, this bikini top is perfect for afternoon sails, sunny pool days and and peppy pool parties! With cushioned support and extra soft material, this top is ought to become your favourite!

2. Sun Kissed sun

A beautiful blend of soothing blues, this swimsuit exudes elegance from the moment you put on. Super chic and extremely comfortable, feel like an Ariel goddess every time you step into the water and bask away in the summer sun!


3. Sand in my shoes

Think sandy beaches, sunny days and crystal clear water. And what could be the perfect complement to a view so surreal other than the ‘Sand in my shoes’ bikini top? With extra wide straps for added comfort,        

swimwearthe Sand in my shoes bikini top is perfect for days when you’re looking for that extra oomph without  compromising on quality and comfort.


  4. Sand in my shoes bikini bottom

swimwear summer 2019   What’s a good day at the beach without some extra cute bikini bottoms? Available in a super comfortable hipster fit, these bikini bottoms are sure to turn your beach vacay into a memorable one! They are also available in 3 different colours so that way, you’re never out of options!

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