The Benefits Of Wearing A Bra

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Bra

The first bra dates back to 1914 and has gained popularity as the years went on to become a ubiquitous and necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. Before bras there were uncomfortable, restrictive corsets so for many, the bra was actually a sign of freedom and release. Although many women today feel more comfortable not wearing a bra, there are actually benefits to doing so. Today with so many options for online lingerie in India, we also have the benefit of choice in colours, styles and designs to make us feel completely comfortable.

Benefits Of Wearing A Bra

A lot of women don’t find their bras comfortable because they are often wearing the wrong size or ill-fitting bras. It is imperative to get yourself measured and to buy bras that are the right size. Women with larger breasts find that bras actually help support them and make them feel more confident whereas those with smaller breasts may find that the push-up and support offered by a bra is actually quite welcomed. There are many brands that offer sizes that go beyond the norm thereby offering women of every shape and size the option to buy and wear designer women’s underwear.


As much as women should be given the right to wear what they want, how they want; living in India makes that quite difficult. It’s not uncommon to get lewd glances and obvious stares when wearing even the most conservative outfit. A bra is one way to protect yourself from unwanted ogling especially when wearing sheer blouses and low cut tops. We completely agree that women should be free to treat their bodies as they wish however when you consider the daily routine of a woman living in an Indian city, it becomes easier to simply accept certain small realities of life.

Bras can also be incredibly empowering and sexy. There is an episode in Seinfeld where Elaine meets one of her friends who never wears a bra, this really irks her. She then gifts her friend a lacy bra and in the last scene of the show, her friend is seen walking down the road wearing only the lace bra and a blazer causing Kramer to actually crash his car. There are no rules on how you’re supposed to be wearing your lingerie which has also given rise to the huge trend of lingerie inspired fashion.

designer bras and panties

Shopping for designer bras and panties is now incredibly easy with online stores and boutiques where you can get a wide variety of lingerie at affordable prices. With discreet home delivery, you never have to worry about anyone sneaking a peek at your unmentionables.

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