A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals

It seems like everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian is becoming crystal obsessed and we were curious about what was going on. We’ve always kind of known what crystals were, basically minerals that are formed underground from the time the earth was created, but we had no clue that they were used to harness and create energy. It seems that different stones signify different properties and can be used to enhance your life and have an incredible ability to transmit energy. Crystals have become a huge part of alternative medicine and therapies so we’ve created a guide to help you understand the basic stones and what they mean.

Amethyst Crystals


This is one stone many of us are familiar with. This lavender crystal is one of the most common crystals available and is very easy to find yet it is still extremely powerful. Amethysts rid spaces of negative energy and have a very high frequency. They are used to treat addictions and to help us connect with our spiritual selves. Keep an amethyst in the corner of your room to rid your space of negativity or place a clean one in your drinking water to help overcome addiction.

Quartz Crystals


One of the most beautiful crystals, this clear stone is known as the master healer. It represents the head or the seventh chakra of the body and amplifies the energy it surrounds. It also magnifies the vibrations of other crystals so they are often used in tandem with other stones during crystal therapy treatments. By absorbing and regulating energy, quartz helps one connect with higher planes and cleanse their vibrations.

Rose Quartz crystals

Rose Quartz

A baby pink stone, naturally rose quartz is all about love! From self-love to unconditional love, this is the stone you want to help boost your confidence, balance your emotions, raise your self-esteem and curb that jealous streak. It is also believed to attract love so all you single ladies might want to think about keeping one near you to not only find the one you may have been looking for, but to learn to love yourself first!

Black Tourmaline Crystals

Black Tourmaline

The perfect crystal for the modern day, this dark stone is believed to protect us from radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. This is perfect for all of you whose right hands have basically turned into iPhones! Representing the base chakra, black tourmaline grounds your energy and is a good stone to keep on you at all times- especially if you’re subjected to any sort of electrical frequency or radiation.

Citrine Crystals

Another stone you may have seen before, the orange-yellow citrine is bright and vibrant as it’s created from the heat and pressure of the earth. The stone is said to carry the energy of the sun and is associated with wealth, creativity and confidence. Aiming to get a raise? Trying to start your own business? Writing a book? Keep a couple citrine stones near your work station and watch the money and ideas flow in!


Crystals are incredibly strong and it’s not advisable to practice any sort of crystal therapy without an expert or practitioner!


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