Top 5 travel destinations of 2019

2019 is all about venturing into the unknown. It’s about making memories that’ll last a lifetime. So whether you need some me time or if you’re looking for the perfect place for a girls trip, read on to find out about the hottest destinations of 2019!


While Goa seems to be on everyone’s list, sometimes the commercialisation just gets to you. So if you’re looking to spend some time just beside gorgeous sunny beaches that are (almost) untouched, Gokarna is the place to go! With it’s Instagram. worthy cafes and hippie aesthetic, you’re bound to fall in love with this little sea side town in Karnataka!

2. Landour/ Mussorie

Looking for the perfect place for some solo chill in the hills? Look no more! Landour and Mussorie are twin cities nestled in the lush green lap of Uttarakhand. It’s the perfect place for an artist’s retreat or if you need some good, quiet time. With the most breathtaking views and vivid sunsets, this place will be etched in your memory for a long long time!

3. Sri Lanka

While everyone’s off to the Maldives and Bali, Sri Lanka should definitely be the next city on your list!  Winding cobbled streets, dutch architecture and some splendid sea food! Do we need to give you another reason? So what are you waiting for! Pack your bags and get ready to explore this quintessential town!

4. Kochi

Very similar to Sri Lanka’s vibe, Kochi is for those travellers who are looking for a short getaway on a budget. With it’s Gothic synagogues, magnificent Chinese fishing nets and the beautiful dutch architecture of Fort Kochi, you’re bound to fall in love with every nook and corner of this vibrant city!

5. Istanbul

The middle east is a land unexplored. Bursting with colours and life, Istanbul is the epitome of gorgeousness. Istanbul is a delight for both old and young for it has something for every age. A city full of stories that is rich with history, there is never a moment that you’ll be bored. So get ready to explore some beautiful souks, lip smacking food and the absolutely breathtaking Hagia Sophia!

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