5 Shows you NEED to watch to remind yourself about all the awesomeness out there

The launch of Netflix completely revolutionalized how India viewed television. With a plethora of  websites offering online streaming, here is a list of 5 shows you NEED to watch. Ranging from comedy to drama, this fun list will make sure you’re never out of great content to watch!

  1. Marvellous Mrs Maisel

The show that seems to be on everyone’s minds and lips. Marvellous Mrs Maisel has taken the entire the film industry by a storm. With more than 5 Emmy’s to it’s credit, this show is coupled with empowerment, wit and lots of laughter. TTV showshe show is based in the 70’s, an era of glitz and glam where women were conventionally seen as homemakers. Marvelous Mrs Maisel defy’s patriarchy and the stereotypical notions attributed to women.

Rachel Brosnahan plays the role of Maisel effortlessly. With her razor sharp wit and breathtaking beauty, this firecracker is sure to make her way into your heart.

2.  Narcos

Informative, gripping and full action, Narcos will leave you on the edge of your seat. The accuracy, the locations, the acting and everything more makes this the perfect TV series if you’re looking for some high octane power to boost you through the day.

3.  Little things

This Indian TV series will blow you away with it’s sheer simplicity. It focuses the nuances and aspects of our relationships that we all choose to ignore. With it’s beautiful soundtrack, it’s minimalism and the lovely acting, this TV series is like a breath of new air everyone needs to experience!

TV shows4.  The Crown

From the moment the soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmerman plays in the beginning, you know you’re hooked. The Crown nails every little aspect of the British Monarchy and it’s many secrets. From the many controversies that threatened the existence of the monarchy to the many scandals that sent shockwaves across the world, The Queen sheds light on the dark side of the Monarchy unknown to many.

5.  Suits

Suits is a gripping drama about 2 lawyers and their crazy world. From the high powered courtroom trials to the glamorous scheming, it’s the perfect show for days you just want to unwind with some light yet refreshing content.

At the end of a long days work, we Aria + Leya women enjoy nothing more than getting home to unwind & watch an episode or two of some of our favourite shows. Which of our favourites are you going to start with tonight?

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